Face the Rocks

make the viewer feel the majesty and grandeur of rocks

Start With Reference Photos

I wanted to make the viewer feel the majesty and grandeur of rocks. No object is included this time to give the rocks an indefinite scale, so they could only look at the nearly abstract quality of the rock facets.

I began by taking pictures of a rock-cut beside the highway near where I live in northern Ontario. Then I chose four photos and printed them out on 8×11 medium quality paper. I didn’t use photo paper as it was a waste since the pictures were only for reference.

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Mediums (Not the Spooky Kind)

Adding mixing media to your paint can help create texture or make glaze

As we delve deeper into the world of paints and media and additives (mixing mediums), you will discover a whole spectrum of possibilities for your paint. You can go with straight paint our of the tube, liquid (usually acrylics) or you can add a mixing medium to enhance your paint.

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Help, I Have a Blank Canvas

Starting a new painting is much like a writer starting a new project.

The Dilemma, courtesy of Cartoonaday.com

Starting a new painting is much like a writer starting a new project. Writers are told to just write if they are stuck. Just do stream-of-consciousness until the brain kicks into gear. Well, sometimes it’s the same thing for a painter. Sometimes just experimenting with color and strokes is enough to engage the creative side.

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The Wonderful World of Painting

If you are new to painting, welcome.

Painter Painting  Painter
Acrylic on canvas, 24×18″ 2014

So you want to know more about painting. Well, that’s a deep subject (Pun intended). I guess we need to find a starting point. If you are new to painting, welcome. If you’re already well versed in painting and have some skills, please bear with me as we tackle the basics for a few posts.

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To Live and Die with Art

Painting psychology is only about why we paint, or create, or for that matter, are good at our jobs.

I’m a painter. I’m not even ashamed to say so. The palette knife is my favorite tool but I do use the brush. I’m not the worst or even in the middle among the millions of artists around the world. I see art as a need not a hobby. This blog is about helping you transition from hobbyist to a serious artist

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